CG3Software Products

For more than 15 years CG3Software has worked to enhance our clients's experience by providing them access to their specific account information and reduce the frequent phone calls asking for updates. You can even allow customers the capability to view and manage their accounts, add payments and document requests online!

Our project management software keeps track of all account information including all clients, addresses, phone numbers, documents, letters, email communications, text messages, and customer payment information.

Each service is priced on a per-use basis. There are minium startup cost and no contracts. Your per-use rate is based on your estimated usage and your specific business needs. Pay per use means you never pay for services you don't need or use.


Everyone stays Connected with CollectLogic's cloud based application offers a web-based debt collection software solution - Collection Agencies and Debt Collectors are able to manage key areas of their day-to-day operations and benefit from CollectLogic’s extensive portfolio and account management capabilities. Direct your clients, agents and managers to the most up to date information. This helps eliminate the costly mistakes which can happen during the case management process or when someone is “Out of the Loop”! CollectLogic helps you establish an efficient workflow, promotes enhanced customer service, and reduces the cost of doing business.


With Sales Associates get instant access to the latest prospects, and leads are never dropped or lost. Track prospect inquiries and provide sales leads to the right people. Builders can view all Sales Associates activities to assure maximum selling advantage is being utilized. A complete Project Management Solution is available for both Homebuilders and Developers who subcontract construction activities. With the valuable tool set offered by BuildScope, you and your team will be empowered in the most important areas of your business.

OrderManagerPro is a communication hub where everyone working together on your project is able to access and update, real-time, the important and frequently changing details of your project or status in fulfilling multi-step or complex-process sales orders. Get instant status of complex order flows, manage prospects, employees, vendor communications and more. Our business management solution tracks all of the basic data on each project/order.

CG3Builder offers Residential Homebuilders a web-based software solution to manage key areas of their day-to-day operations. The solution provides a central repository for all data pertaining to your homebuilding business. With CG3Builder you have the flexibility to do business from anywhere! CG3Builder is accessible 24/7 to any assigned user with a web browser and internet connection.